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The Multiple Listing Service®

is a system for distributing real estate information that has evolved over almost a century. It provides sellers with the best possible exposure for the property. It gives buyers the best possible choice. And it provides the infrastructure for professional REALTORS to work together in bringing buyers and sellers together. The MLS system is a highly organized property exchange medium that works ... unlike any other.

The "magic of MLS" works like this. If you tried to sell your property yourself, you would be limited to your own circle of influence - your neighbours, relatives and friends, along with anyone who happened to see your ad or sign. By giving an exclusive listing to a REALTOR, you would expand that circle of influence to include the circle of influence of the listing salesperson, and anyone else in that salesperson's office. If there are 20 other salespeople in the office, you would increase your circle of influence twenty times!

By putting your listing on MLS, you expose your property to every salesperson and broker member of The Fraser Valley Real Estate Board - and The Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver, nearly 7,000 REALTORS. These 7,000 salespeople not only have their own circles of influence, but it is their full time job to cultivate those circles every day - contacting new people, staying in touch with past clients and customers, sending and receiving referrals from across the country, and getting calls on other ads and signs - generally just being aware of many different people's wants and needs.

So, by hiring a REALTOR to represent you, you can increase your circle of influence, or market penetration, twenty times. By listing with their MLS, you increase your market penetration by 7,000 times! That's the "magic of multiple!" Like the TV ad - "You tell two people, and they tell two people, and they tell two people ", and pretty soon the screen is filled with faces. The same with MLS. Almost 7,000 REALTORS all working with their circles of influence. That's why it's called multiple.

In Vancouver and The Fraser Valley last year there were over 28,000 properties sold through the MLS. The system is the most successful property marketing tool in the country and unparalleled in the world. MLS listings are not only entered in the Board's MLS, but they are automatically uploaded to the Internet on mls.ca, the Canadian Real Estate Association's Internet site.

The full MLS system is accessible to every REALTOR member of CREA. As a result, REALTORS have the most complete view of the market at any given time. They have not only current property information, but also historic information on every property that has been exposed on MLS over the past 30 years. And because of the unique nature of the rules, regulations and policies adopted by The Fraser Valley Real Estate Board and REBGV over the years, the information is accurate, complete and reliable.

Just as MLS is available to every REALTOR,
www.mls.ca is accessible by every consumer in Canada (in fact in the world!) who has access to the Internet. The public can find any property in the country that's listed on any MLS®.  Not only can a vendor be certain that every REALTOR in the city will be  aware of his/her new listing on MLS, but the seller can also rest assured that anyone in Canada, or around the world, who is looking for property in the Vancouver/Fraser Valley area will be able to see that property on the Internet.

MLS serves buyers as well
The database organizes properties by neighbourhood, by list price, by number of bedrooms, by square footage - however the buyer wants to search. mls.ca does the same thing on the Internet - but for any MLS property in Canada! So a consumer in Toronto or Halifax or Germany, moving to Vancouver can see properties here, and determine the market before ever coming to the city!  And everyone can be confident that the information is current, accurate and complete. MLS® statistics are respected and regularly quoted by all major media outlets as a reliable economic indicator for the country.

Technology has taken the simple concept of local REALTORS sharing listing information and photos with fellow REALTORS, and turned it into a world wide web of property information sharing that helps educate consumers and expands the circle of influence even wider.

MLS offers a WIN - WIN Solution to both buyers and sellers
of real etate and it works like Magic almost every time!

REALTORS® and MLS® are registered trademarks
of the Canadian Real Estate Association

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Everything You Need to Know About Buying or Financing Real Estate in the Fraser Valley, Vancouver area of Canada. Before You Buy!
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Everything You Need to Know About Buying or Financing Real Estate in the Fraser Valley, Vancouver area of Canada. Before You Buy!
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