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29 28 Reasons to Hire a Professional Realtor
to Sell Your Home...
So, it's time to sell and move on. In this new world of the Internet, entrepreneurship and individualism, doing it yourself
to save the real estate commission, has probably
crossed your mind...

However, if garage sales and an occasional ad in the paper to sell a car or some furniture or other personal items, constitutes the majority of your selling experience... beware! Selling your own home is a task which requires specialized knowledge, financial resources, and a
considerable amount of time!

We all know that buying or selling a house is usually the largest financial transaction a family ever makes. To get the Best Price Possible - the Right Price at the Right Time - takes more than just placing a sign out front. It takes the strong selling skills of a real estate professional.

Of course, there is always the chance that you will "get lucky", and find a buyer, but often homeowners end up taking too low a price, either because they haven't appealed to the right potential buyer, didn't attract enough buyers to choose from, or simply ran out of patience. Maybe you have lots of patience, are an experienced sales person and have a degree in marketing....

Why would You want to pay a Realtor
all that money to sell Your Home?

Good Reason #1 
Several years ago, the National Association of Realtors studied this same question by comparing the prices and market times of people who tried to sell their own homes and “save” the commission. 

Here are the results of that study: 
Of all the people who tried to sell on their own;

  • 91 percent of the time, they quit trying after 30 days and listed with a realtor (it can be scary to see who comes to your door unannounced)

  • Another three per cent - gave up and decided to stay put.

  • Six per cent sold their home, usually for far less than they thought they were going to get when they started out.
Those who paid the commission
Sold for a price 9.7 %  Higher than those who
thought they “saved” the commission

The Bottom line: 
Bottom line is that 91% of the time it didn't work, and when it did...
it cost more than it saved.
Why? Because buyers who shop privately are trying to save
the same money the Sellers are trying to save. 

Since the owners want to sell but private buyers only want to buy direct from the seller if they get a bargain, the owner usually loses. Part of a Realtor's job is to qualify the buyer to be sure you're selling to someone who's serious about finding a good home, not just trying to find a bargain.

So what about the ones who sold?
90% said they wouldn't do it again!
So when the time comes that you want to sell,
Let a Realtor show you how they can actually “save” you money.

Here are 28 (more) Good Reasons...
WHY - You should use a Realtor to sell your home!

1. The (other) Number One Good Reason, of course, is that the MLS 
Multiple Listing Service provides exposure to literally thousands of Buyers through Realtors. The marketing efforts of a For Sale By Owner cannot compare with the exposure the home will have on MLS. Sellers can have their home advertised 24 / 7on the Internet. CREA's web site, www.realtor.ca, has been a major player in marketing MLS properties since day one and its presence is growing by leaps and bounds.

2. Real estate offices have secretarial assistance during peak hours and message-answering and paging services during the off-peak hours. A salesperson is always available to handle inquiries. Any time a private seller is away from home, his home is off the market.

3. By use of a Comparative Market Analysis, a salesperson can help a seller choose the right price to ask. While some sellers ask too little, others ask for too much. Once a house sits unsold for too long it becomes stale. Often a seller is forced to reduce the price and may have to accept less money for his home than he would have received had he started at the right price originally.

4. A Realtor can select the best route to a showing and point out comparable properties that will put the property to be shown in the best possible light.

5. Realtors are able to offer suggestions about how to improve a home's "showability" and hence increase market value.

6. Much of a real estate company's business comes from corporate or personal referrals. This market is unavailable to private sellers.

7. Out-of-town buyers seldom have the time or knowledge to deal directly with owners, but they do contact sales representatives through relocation systems.

8. Other homeowners who have already listed their homes usually purchase through the company with which their own home is listed.

9. A property depreciates the longer it is on the market. The first two or three weeks is a crucial period. Many owners fail to take advantage of this excitement when they limit the market to their own contacts and advertising.

10. Realtors are capable of qualifying prospects so that only those who qualify to buy the home are introduced to it. This eliminates most "lookers" and "tire-kickers".

11. The owner can generally be assured of advance notice for showings. Private showings eliminate the possibility of a personality conflict between seller and purchaser.

12. Realtors screen all prospects and accompany all potential buyers through the property. There is less chance that strangers will come, who may have activities in mind other than buying your house.

13. Showing property is an art. Not everyone enjoys poking through other people's closets. It's the salesperson's job to point out the positive aspects of the home and its features.

14. Virtually every purchaser has objections, which sales representatives are trained to handle. Objections are often really just the Buyer's "Bargaining Position" A private seller is liable to become indignant if the purchaser doesn't like something about the home.

15. Most purchasers won't come out and say what it is that they don't like about a house, particularly in front of the seller. A real estate professional is trained to seek out the Buyer's negative feelings and handle them professionally.

16. In real estate, offers are in writing and irrevocable. Private buyers often give verbal offers and then revoke them.

17. Good Realtors are trained negotiators. They are almost always, better equipped and trained to negotiate for the Seller, than a Seller can on his own behalf.

18. A realtor is aware of many different ways to finance a property purchase, while a private Seller doesn't even normally assist in finding suitable financing for the Buyer

19. A Realtor can help eliminate red tape and keep legal costs to a minimum. When the sales representative does the work, the lawyer charges for checking the paperwork. When there's no sales representative, the lawyer does the work, and then charges accordingly.

20. Realtors stay involved with the process until the transaction is closed and everyone is moved.

21. Although a seller may leave town, a purchaser is secure in the thought that, should a problem arise after closing, the agent will be there to help out.

22. A prospect is more likely to believe a licensed real estate representative than an owner, who will most likely not be around after the sale.

23. A realtor must adhere to a rigorous code of ethics. A direct buyer or seller is not so constrained. Purchasers want the protection a Realtor can offer.

24. A seller selling privately can expect to put in a minimum of 80 hours "work" into the project. This does not account for other out-of-pocket expenditures such as advertising and lawn sign. Selling a home can be extremely stressful.

25. Real estate professionals are trained to follow-up all leads, inquiries and showings. Such follow-up is normally expected and does not have a detrimental effect on a seller's bargaining position, while a private seller doing a follow-up is deemed to be desperate.

26. Private sales attract bargain hunters. Any time a buyer doesn't buy from a store or through a salesperson he expects to pay less. In effect, he expects to save the commissions or profits that would normally go to the salesperson or store owner. Why should someone do all the work a sales representative would normally do and still pay the full price? For example, if the seller is trying to save about six per cent commission and the buyer is trying to save six per cent, now they are 12 per cent apart.

27. The best prospects work with Realtors. People who have been transferred from out of town, people who have their home for sale, or people who have sold their home all work with sales representatives.

28. Something to consider... Selling your own property can be a hassle for which most people are ill prepared, and most real estate commissions are a lot cheaper than most law suits!

Could you sell your own home?
Of course you could, but when the dust settles and you've
added up all the costs and weighed the risks, are you better off?
You be the judge!
If you want to find out the Best way to put the Most Money in YOUR POCKET, >>>contact us<<< to learn how.

If you are determined to Sell it Yourself

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